A colleague is running Fedora -I suppose that I have an influence on that- and he’s asking about more repositories for apt… well, I think it’s better to share, so here you got it boys.

Most important repositories are:

  1. freshrpms by Matthias Saou: http://ayo.freshrpms.net
  2. DAG by Dag Wieers: rpm http://apt.sw.be redhat/fc1/en/i386 dag
  3. Newrpms by Rudolf Kastl: rpm http://newrpms.sunsite.dk/apt/ redhat/en/i386/fc1 newrpms
  4. Axel Thimm: rpm http://apt.physik.fu-berlin.de redhat/9/en/i386 at-testing

Each one has in own orientation, Freshrpms stands for general stuff and Axel Thimm provides mainly scientific software but multimedia too… try them all at your own risk.

If you even want more repositories have a look to this:

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