Perl beginner and Mozilla debugger

Interesting days… improving my perl competence by treating text files. At job it’s needed extract some information from a text files automaticaly generated by Hasefroch machines at start-up (do you remebember autoexec.bat?). It’s easy to type information from twenty persons but when I knew it will be near two thounsands PC’s I though it would better if I offer my services as perl beginner. It’s a great chance to treat a lot of text files and then generate one csv file for database loading.

On the other hand, some problems with mozilla had teached me about how Mozilla prints. This is the problem: you see a web page with Mozilla and you print it with some aspect, this page has text with size font defined in pixels. Then you upgrade Mozilla and you test that page. Rendering keeps the same but when you print appears carriages returns when there isn’t. What’s wrong ?

I google a few meanwhile Juanjo (other Linux BOFH at the company) tries differents solutions… we learn what’s happening inside Mozilla. Mozilla render correctly the page allways, but when Mozilla has to print it starts the party. First, may occur that you haven’t that font in your machine -not our case- second, mozilla has to convert a font defined by pixels units to be printed as a postscript, wich implies a translation from pixel to points. As long as Ii know pixel is a unit valid for my screen whether points it’s a unit valid for my printer.

So mozilla tries to do the best they can do. Mozilla print by lp, to do that, mozilla team has compiled it using xprint, Juanjo has done a great job by downloading and installing xprint for mozilla to use it. When you got this service (xprint provides a print service abstraction) mozilla recognices it and offers you more printers, one of then xprint.

Team work it’s the best.

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