New Palm models…close to me

Palm has just publish two new models, they both were presented April 28 in Spain and I was noticed 29 so I feel “on the wave” 8-). I was considering two options: Zire 21 and Tunsteng E (links in spanish) I feel first one was a little bit poor but certainly cheap (it fits exactly what I need, just contacts, calendar, few memory… just the basic things but nothing less), and second one was much more that I need and too expensive (such a beatiful screen and so slim and with a few ROM memory).

Weel Palm has released this two news PDA’s betwen two formers linked. As before, Zire 31 it’s more simple option and Zire 72 more funny one (with digital camera, bluetooth and so on).

Looking for details I’ve found that Zire 31 satisfies everything I need, I just need to confirm if it has a few ROM and how well Pilot works with it.

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