New Spam

I received last days mails with this text:

tray scourge striven missionary tollgate taxicab donna differentiable aspe=
rsion beer soliloquy elide appoint neuron basilar obsessive budweiser bene=
fice aeronautic clockwatcher somber errant civet deflate courtesan dearie=20=
bluish paramagnetic gird promiscuous corporal farthest bitt administrat=
rix abridgment macabre box detractor point basophilic canker ego point stu=
nt inequitable bandgap bartok diverge troglodyte situs hardtack declamator=
y bass monte bellyfull elizabethan baltic=20

So, as you can imagine it’s a new way to pass trought your anti-spam software. It’s a sort of massive random word invasion in order to brake your anti-spam rules.

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