Qmail and Delivery Notifications it runs!

I’ve been done some test on Notice Request Upon Delivery to which is basiclly a simple mail send to original sender to notify a mail message has been succesfully delivered to receiver.

You need:

  1. Linux knowledge 🙂
  2. qmail installed and running (with Maildirs)
  3. postmaster administration access
  4. fairly good mail client (telnet to 25 port it’s a good choice)

You have to do

  1. edit .qmail for user joe@nowhere.mil and append this before .Maildir line:

    |qreceipt joe@nowhere.mil
    (or full path |/var/qmail/bin/qreceipt joe@nowhere.mil)

  2. when you send a message to joe@nowhere.mil append this header:

    Notice-Requested-Upon-Delivery-To: sender@original.com

What you obtains:

when sender@original.com sends an email to joe@nowhere.mil and this mail it’s delivered inside sender@original.com Maildir, then joe@nowhere.mil receives an email from: DELIVERY NOTICE SYSTEM with subject: success notice and with body:

Hi. This is qreceipt program. Your message was delivered to the following addrees: oe@nowhere.mil. Thanks for asking.

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