Monthly Archives: January 2006

Corection: Firefox also has that feature 0

I was almost the first one in comment what Denker Über says on former Internet Explorer 7. I keep on my opinion that there’s nothing new in that version. No peculiar technical advanced. Now, in full production you may found others browsers that offers you those features. But I do a mistake, there’s an extension […]


Internet Explorer 7 Via Denker über (link in spanish) I knew what future Internet Explorer brings to us. In my opinion the one and only really new it’s that feature called Quick Tabs in Internet Explorer that lets you see all tabs in one page, looking as a page preview. All the rest, are features […]


A brand without branding Via Quality products without branding I arrive to Muji on-line in Europe. This, seems to be a very well known mark in japan that makes good products in diferent areas, they all got a very good quality and they don’t emphasize on their brand. You have to look carefully to find […]


BOFH:Being an specialist A developer that works in our company told me that he prefers architecture works than developer works. Participate in a architecture project may be amazing ’cause you deal with problems and look for solutions, but … also, you work in a team, and as older as I become as lonely I rather […]

iPod: I love it 0

My wife has gift it to me, and I’m really satisfy with that gadget. It’s useful, easy to use, nice and easy software to manage it… and soon, as Steve Jobs has told at their keynote, it will have FM radio. So, thank you darling…by the way, she loves ipod’s socks and me to.