Confort or not?

This days I’m found myself thinking about change my home router/firewall server. There’re a few things you must know, first of all.
This server has been running and giving a good service as long it as been turning on. I installed a debian and I put a cron that does a daily update.

So, what the hell do you want to change your machine?… Here comes the juice…

I like debian, those guys are doing a very good job, and we reall got to say them thank you boys, but, why everything is different in a debian installation? I don’t want they follow the mainstream just for being on the wave. But many times, a little better way to do things, it’s a lot more disapointing. So many times I prefer a little less better but a much more common solution.

My home system, acting as a router and firewall requieres a stable linux distro, I need also a distro that offers regular and good security updates. I need free software ’cause it has to cost nothing to my little pocket. I was thinking about it, and after consider different options I’m pretty convinced about choose centos. Mainly they offer a free, stable linux distro. And first of all, they’re a RH clone, so it makes everything easier for me.

There’s a big step to do, to get time enough to plan and do the task. It may sound dramatic but this is not just to erase and reinstall a new distro, I got to backup what packages I’ve installed, how they’re configured, what are they for … and so on.