Windows Vista at CES

I don’t use to comment anything about HaseCorp but as soon as I read Error 500 comment on Gates conference at CES I told to myself that its worthy to say something.

  • Flip3D seems to be original, I mean, I’ve seen things like this on other Operative Systems, but we may assume its an original one
  • Windows Vista Sidebar isn’t original, its like Google desktop
  • Windows Photo Gallery isn’t original, Flick was before on that road…
  • Msn Search Toolbar isn’t original, Google has a local search engine for your computer that runs very well…
  • Windows Vista wants to offers a music store with MTV, but, iTunes rules this better, former, and integrated with ipod’s hardware, and they do it over Windows and Macintosh (when with Linux?)
  • they don’t deliver WinFs … oh what a pity, ’cause here’s where the expectation were

So think about, what’s new on this issues? where’s innovation? who is developing new things, really?