Monthly Archives: January 2006

Windows Vista at CES 0

I don’t use to comment anything about HaseCorp but as soon as I read Error 500 comment on Gates conference at CES I told to myself that its worthy to say something. Flip3D seems to be original, I mean, I’ve seen things like this on other Operative Systems, but we may assume its an original […]


iPod: me too I fall … since I sow an iPod I really like it. Rational as I am, I thought there must be cheaper options that fulfill my requirements… but (here comes the stuff that matters) but there’re important items to choose an iPod. Less practical but very important: design and what to say […]


Confort or not? This days I’m found myself thinking about change my home router/firewall server. There’re a few things you must know, first of all. This server has been running and giving a good service as long it as been turning on. I installed a debian and I put a cron that does a daily […]