Monthly Archives: February 2006

Active State (just sold out) on free software 0

Active State it’s a nice company, because they build Perl but not just because of it. They were owned by Shopos (an antivir company) that had been sold out Active State to a Canadian venture capital. Althoug it’s seems to me a little bit … risky situation … it cames with good news. News says […]

XHTML + CSS Proud 0

I’m encouraging my wife to start her own blog on Estudio-L but at least I’ll drop few lines about her job… Via a this book review upon a HTML + CSS book I get this head sample for an HTML Transitional document, ’till here nothing extrange. The book has a very good evaluation at Slashdot […]

Mac, falling in love… 0

I’m talking as well as I can about new Apple decisions. I achieve one success. A colleague has installed Mac OS X on their PC. Yes, I know it’s a pirate version but he fels very well and confident about it. I think that many people will follow this steps, try, feel good, and later […]