Monthly Archives: April 2006

Google management model 0

It’s seems clear that Google does things in a different way. I’ve read this note in slashdot about how Google’s Novel management systems aids growth and I agree with them. In IT comanyies or even in IT departments (maybe in anything) to let a gap for creativity is a choice to improve tasks. Rembember that […]

Learning with you iPod 0

Most people use their ipod for fun, for hear music and that’s right (me too). Podcasts are offering a new approach to internet communication; although they aren’t bi-directional they, tipically, offer us a change to hear somebody talking about a subject in which it’s supposed to be competent. From the beginning I’ve started to hear […]

Red Hat CEO on Ellison comments 0

Via this slashdot note on Red Hat CEO suggest Oracle is feeling the heat you may read original interview I didn’t do yet so don’t take me very seriously, but, although Red Hat may be is getting closer to some Oracle targets (such as middleware software buying JBoss), Oracle is yet pretty bigger that Red […]

Answers to Linux done by Oracle 0

Larry likes to be the first in everything (even sayling), or so I believe. His insinuations upon offer their own Oracle linux distro or even buy Novell has been answered. Somebody proposes Ubuntu, and show he doesn’t know very well Oracle. Oracle needs to relay on a comercial distro or buidl their own distro, anything […]

Linux distro done by Oracle? 0

This is not first time that I’ve heard Oracle speaking about build their own operating system. In fact, there’re people that considers they got a lot of job already done. For instance, you may writte your tablespaces in a raw device, which is, writting without operating system, and delegate to Oracle software this task, instead […]