Redhat buys JBoss

As they publish Redhat have bought JBoss and I think it’s a very important new.

It has been told, lately, that Oracle was looking for that, but finally buyer has been Redhat. Now, that everything has finished I asked myself if that story about Oracle wouldn’t be a rumour from JBoss in order to improve price… who knows?

Anyway, I heard voices that afirm Oracle has destroyed very good Java server as Orion after buy it, also, I’ve hear voices that prefer JBoss being bought by Redhat better that Oracle.

Anyway, few of my mates says that Redhat offers good set of products:

Since Redhat it’s becoming one of the most important companyies in FOSS they have enough money to buy others companyies. Two years ago I was posting in a spanish lug that Oracle and Dell were injecting money in Redhat.

Free and Open Source solutions and bussines are here to stay. Now, that my job forces me to work with non free software I miss it very much.

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