Red Hat CEO on Ellison comments

Via this slashdot note on Red Hat CEO suggest Oracle is feeling the heat you may read original interview

I didn’t do yet so don’t take me very seriously, but, although Red Hat may be is getting closer to some Oracle targets (such as middleware software buying JBoss), Oracle is yet pretty bigger that Red Hat and companyies need databases more that a particular SO

A big company may assume the cost of migrate from MS to Solaris, or from Solaris to HP-UX if a technological chief decide so. In fact, nowadays is far more easily since you may got everything running on Java+JSP+some very well known RDBM that runs on every SO… but, keep you SO and change from Oracle databases to … to what? DB2, MS-SQL? that really means a headache

So, it may be true that Red Hat is touching b*ll*ocks to Oracle, but by the moment Oracle still is the big one, and Red Hat may get benefeit from Oracle selling databases running on a cheap Red Hat SO…

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