Monthly Archives: April 2006

Redhat buys JBoss 0

As they publish Redhat have bought JBoss and I think it’s a very important new. It has been told, lately, that Oracle was looking for that, but finally buyer has been Redhat. Now, that everything has finished I asked myself if that story about Oracle wouldn’t be a rumour from JBoss in order to improve […]

Also my health problems 0

Via Slashdot I read this note about health problems related to the geek lifestyle although I don’t consider myself very geek in fact I suffer all this problems. I’m not paranoid, in fact I’m suffering this. Short list is: Horrible Sleep Hygiene Headaches Back Pain Poor Attention Span The latest one, as a read in […]

Blogsphere, sometimes, sucks 0

Everybody is talking about Apple that will offer double boot loader for their news machines, so you can start up both MacOS or WindowsXP… yes, it’s an important new, but, annoying when everybodys talking again and again about the same.

Philosphy + learning languages + engineering ? 0

What have in common philosohpy, learning languages and this engineering degree? No, the answer is not english is a subject. The act of thinking is directly related with the language you use. You may have a clear experience if you talk more than one language. And also, with how good is you language: the better […]