Monthly Archives: October 2006

Oracle against Redhat 0

I’ve wrote a post in spanish slashdot about Oracle competing with Redhat. Slashdot is following that subject, for instance Oracle and Red Hat begin battle for the Enterprise… so this matter is getting hot. In my opinion there’s a target for Oracle if they stole support in something more or less similar to a Database […]

Google testing OpenSolaris? 0

It’s an old new but it seems that Google is testing Opensolaris as an aproach to substitute their wide Linux implantation for OpenSolaris. Probably it really doesn’t happen, and they’re just testing. In fact, that news comes from a Sun’s font. They mention more big companies such as eBay, Yahoo!, Disney, Wall-Mart, and so on. […]

Discovering The IT Crowd 0

I know many people know that TV serie, The IT Crowd but I’ve just discovered yesterday… Pablo a nice guy from RedHat Spain gives me a couple of chapters for having a look on them. One of my favourites spanish blog’s are also fan of The IT Crowd… anyway, very peculiar sense of humor, geek […]

Weather forecast 0

I was refusing to do it but I’ve started to use personalized google start page. I’ve added a weather forecast plugging and I’ve choose three differents cities: London (’cause we we’re last summer and I like it), my hometown, and finally Rome (’cause we want to go this winter, specially to visit vatican museum and […]

Practise, there’s no other way 0

I’m sure that there’s no other way, as much as I think about as much I get convinced. I’m talking about two differents things but the aproach its the same for they both. First, my phatetic english gets, well, less pathetic as I keep on listeling Vaughan Radio and also, because I keep on trying […]