Monthly Archives: March 2007

Learning wifi with Fedora Core 6 0

I’ve to confess I feel myself a little bit older for some stuff … but curiosity has been a strong force inside me. Since I bought my brand new wrt54g-l for SoHo use I’m testing a couple of wi-fi cards. A lot of people has wi-fi cards that they don’t use. Nowadays laptops has wi-fi […]

Faillog in Fedora 0

First of all, this is just my own experience from an Red Hat magazine named How do I use the faillog program to track failed login attempts? Let’s go: Open the /etc/pam.d/system-auth file for editing. Add the following lines: auth required no_magic_root account required deny=2 no_magic_root Save the file and exit. Test the […]

Brand new router WRT54G-L 0

Wow! my older server was more more noisy that I thought, even with its noiseless power supply. Now I’ve a brand new Linksys WRT54g-L and look carefully at that L which stands for Linux. This router with a Linux inside open a world of posibilities … such a this firmware for WRT54G-L. I’m using as […]

Cloverdale has writte me!!! 0

I thought it was a joke or it belongs to a marketing action but I was wrong. He do writte me an email, Cloverdale himself! Dear Pere, Good luck with your English! If you still listen to Vaughan Radio, continue doing so. In the long run (a la larga)… in the long run, it will […]

Shrek 2 and Red Hat 0

I’ve been looking over Red Hat Magazine, I’ve found a non technical article about Geek movies that should be on you queue (by the way here we got something similar with Top 10:las mejores películas geek) and reading some comments -’cause I feel that there’re some importants absences, I’ve follow a link to Linux behind […]