Monthly Archives: February 2008

aTunes for your iPod 0

I was writting few days ago about alternatives for iTunes software. Nothing against Apple or any other company, just a pro Linux position: I prefer FLOSS software and I prefer run it on GNU/Linux. That’s all. So thanks to Sourceforge mail-list I’ve found iTunes, I don’t find it in my former research so have a […]

What iPod manager choose for Linux? 0

This days I’m planning to use free software to manage my iPod instead of iTunes. So, which application should I choose? Before choose one of them let’s rebember what I said before; if I may find the same software across different distributions or even the same software across Linux and MS, this is a clear […]

From Fedora to Debian 0

I upgraded from Fedora 7 to Fedora 8 without problems… ’till the day mplayer doesn’t run anymore. A very competent guy from Red Hat who’s working at our office told me to use livna repos … I told him about how upset I feel about livna repos vs. freshrpms repos, they both does not run […]

Finally Olympus E-510 0

I’ve bought a Olympus E-510 instead of E-410. There were three main reasons: Great discount plus 100€ refund from Olympus (yet waiting for it) Stabilization Grip Grip really doesn’t make a difference but is a plus. What really decides me is the discount, it makes affordable to pay the difference and buy the camera with […]