Monthly Archives: July 2008

About studying computing and salary 0

I’ve talk with a nice guy who’s working in a call center. He’s working and studying Computing Engineering at the same time… and he’s studying almost the same speciality that I’m studying. It makes think about why to keep on studying. If that nice guy ends his degree right now he would came to the […]

Fedora problems with dvd-slideshow and how to solve them 0

I’ve just returned from our holidays in Florence… nice city by the way, very nice in deep. Since I’ve carried my DSLR Olympus E-510 with me I’ve done several photos, now I’m involved in the post production job I wanna some photo slideshow that keeps amused my family on the TV so I search some […]

Object Oriented Programming passed 0

Finally I received a phone message with my subject note… and it has been passed with the minimum note to pass it but done. Now time to try a little relax and plan how its going to be the next semester. Probably I choose two subject for the next six moths instead of follow just […]