Monthly Archives: September 2008

Chrome means javascript 0

Yes, I know it’s a little bit excessive ’cause there’re more things inside Chrome browser, but just in order to catch your attention it’s a good title. Recently, I’ve seen in one of my feeds a graph showing language programs on the rise or more used right now. Two things to highlight: php is loosing […]

Google, Chrome and support to Mozilla foundation 0

Via an article published at spanish slashdot I read a spanish translation to an article comparing webkit and Gecko. This has been the latest buzz in the web… most interesting things for me are two: what’s new and what isn’t in Chrome and what’s going to happen with Mozilla foundation since they keep a collaboration […]

Rawstudio opens orf from Olympus E-510 0

Yes it does it I’ve been looking for a program that lets me open .orf files from my Olympus E-510 and since I use Fedora I rule out from official software from Olympus. I keep on using their official software for firmware updates, but just for it. So Rawstudio definitely opens .orf (which is the […]