Monthly Archives: August 2009

Happy birthday Linux 0

I’ve been noticed by Microsiervos and August 26 could be took as the Linux birthday. Sure you know the history but you can also remenber it by having a look to the original newsgroup Linus Torvalds message. This is a piece of recent IT history, and we’re old enough to be there…

Palm where are you going? 0

A Pal Zire 31 was gifted to me a couple of years ago. I’ve benn using it and altough time has passed and new hardware has appeared (smartphones, phonepda’s and so on) that Palm keep on running doing what it was expected quite well. But the thing is that I was thinking on a change […]

Sentences 0

When asked why there’s so much pain Jesus and Buddha will tell me the same: “Shit happens, and people change.” Took from Jeffrey Zeldman blog

About your old work 0

If your old work doesn’t shame you, you’re not growing. Jeffrey Zeldman