Monthly Archives: October 2009

Apache Directory Studio 0

Thanks to Pedro I’ve been noticed about Apache Directory Studio, which is a subset of a most important project: the Apache Directory and LDAP under the Apache Project. Thanks to Angel also, I’ve been having a look on that tool. If you want to search, edit and see an LDAP without learn a line about […]

How to know my own PID in a bash shellscript 0

I was sure there’s a way to know easily what is the PID in a bash shellscript, without doing anything complicated -such a ps wwaux | grep something– and then I’ve found this quick ref. about less easily guessed commands and codes in Unix shell By the way, inside a shellscript, the PID of that […]

Delete a line with sed 0

I wrote about how append a new line using sed. Now let me copy here how to erase or delete a line using sed if that line has a pattern. If you want to erase, for instance a line that starts with # character, you should use something like: sed -e ‘/^#/d’ If your text […]