Monthly Archives: March 2010

Manifest en defensa dels drets fonamentals a internet 0

Davant de la inclusió en l’Avantprojecte de Llei d’Economia sostenible de modificacions legislatives que afecten al lliure exercici de les llibertats d’expressió, informació i el dret d’accés a la cultura a través d’Internet, els periodistes, bloggers, usuaris, professionals i creadors d’internet manifestem la nostra ferma oposició al projecte, i declarem que… 1. Els drets d’autor […]

Social Networks 0

Sometimes social networks are useful. We’ve contact a company with know-how on web design, social networks, SEO and so on. One of the guys who contact us was familiar to me… and yes, he was. When I see his face on an photo I recognise him from Xin Network. So sometimes, a social network may […]

Falles at Valencia, Spain 0

I’m not very fan of Falles but this days we got guests at home and so we’re going to go out to show them how this goes on. So, although I didn’t like Falles very much this situation may help me to improve my knowledge on what the party is, how it was born, what’s […]

Shape and content 0

It was true, I always tought it was, but now again has been proved. I can’t even write a single word on my blog because I found too ugly the default theme. So I’ve been looking for free themes for wordpress and there’s a lot of them. I refined a little bit more the search […]

Hello WorldPress! 0

First post after WordPress installation, now let’s set some things and choose a theme.