Monthly Archives: May 2010

Just try it 0

Chase Jarvis did it again. Honestly I don’t care if Chase Jarvis is a top photo professional or just a fairly good with a lot of marketing. The fact is that sometimes he inspires me to shot more and think less. Today is not about motivation to shot but a coincidence, in his post about […]

How do you get your iPod Touch macaddress? 0

So , one of my recents adquisitions at NYC has been an iPod Touch, (the smaller one since I don’t need too much Gb) and when I try to authorize the iPod Touch to connect to my home Wi-Fi, I’ve need to know the device macaddress… I’ve found different ways to get it. Somebody even […]

Comming back from NY 0

First impressions about NY travel will wrote in a next post or maybe I never wrote about NY, who knows? Anyway, most important thing now is that we’re at home, tired and trying to recover ourselves from an almost 12h hours flight due to volcano problems and from the Jet-lag, by the way; Iberia, thank […]