Dd-wrt as a bridge

I’ve set my new Internet conection. The new ISP offers a low cost connection, low price, and low bandwith, it fits what I was looking for.

Unfortunately I just can plug one single PC, connection it’s controlled by macaddress plus a password. No problem, I’ve buy a Linksys WRT54GL (remember the L letter and the end, it stands for Linux).

First problem solved but I wanna go a little bit farther. I don’t wanna plug my devices through a cable RJ45. So I read out there if I flash the router with the dd-wrt firmware, I may configure it as a bridge and use the same wireless connection as a client and as an Access Point.

Second problem solved. Since I’ve been suffering few delay on my browsing I’ve done a simple speed test ’cause I suppose it was a DNS issue, not a speed issue, and so it was. So I search again about how to set my own DNS server in the router using dd-wrt firmware. I got it, you may read how to set your own DNS in dd-wrt. I choose Open DNS you may use any one, even Google offers you its own DNS (but it seems to me it’s too much information for me to give them, don’t you?).

So third problem solved… As you may notice, I didn’t show you the gory details about everything because it wasn’t my purpose, what I wanna to show you is that free sofware is worthy and that I keep my techie skills alive and kicking.