Monthly Archives: December 2010

Mates going mobile 0

Lately I’m involved with mobile technology and some of my work mates have notice that themselves are getting a little bit old-fashioned in this area. World is changing; everyday and fast. So I encourage them to acquire a mobile phone to try those new trends (they can afford it) and it’s being quite exciting to […]

Google Moderator 0

I was looking around my Google Profile when I notice there was new thing for me: Moderator (you may have a look to its starting guide). Moderator is a tool for send and choose questions in a conference, for instance. The interesting issue is that Google has integrated with Youtube. In fact, it seems that […]

Writter2ePub also for LibreOffice 0

Couple of months ago I decided to substitute my OpenOffice for LibreOffice, it was my humble contribution to enforce LibreOffice since it seems to me a more free and open alternative, specially after Oracle’s movements. By reading some blog (I don’t remember which one) I’ve found an interesting extension for OpenOffice (yes, I’ve wrotte OpenOffice). […]

Guitar version for Maurerische Trauermusik K477 0

I’ve never heard in a guitar version, and it sound pretty well, good performance I just look up for a little bit more fluence playing but it’s really difficult to do it with a guitar.

Akismet plugin not need ’till…today 0

I’ve being writting on my personal blog without special spam impact since today. Yesterday starts a spam wave trying to comment older post. I’ve got comments closed on this site (if you wanna contact me, please drop me a line to “pere” plus this domain following the ‘at’ sign) but from time to time few […]