Monthly Archives: January 2011

January 24, most geek day 0

IT people use to enjoy peculiar jokes, dates and acronyms… and today is one of this funny and geek days. As you may read in Spanish at Microsiervos, January 24 is the most geek day in the year. So, have fun!

Android 3.0 and iPad 0

Most of you already have a watch on this video (I link it again just in case) Android 3.0 Preview … but this one has not been so popular, in my opinion; Introducing Motorola XOOM Now few things about this news: in my opinion first video has a very TRON look alike, anybody feels the […]

Which are the three most used languages in WordPress? 0

I keep pendind to review a nice image showing a lot of data about WordPress. Some of them are really impressive, for instance, according to Alexa 22.5% of 1 top million ranked use a CMS, and on the top of the CMS you gonna find Word Press. As long as I’m concerned by language issues […]