Monthly Archives: February 2011

Sorolla anniversary at Google 0

A famous valencian pintor anniversary it’s being celebrate on Google’s home page today. Sorolla was born on a February 27, his paintings are quite famous, you may easily recognize them. You may something more about Sorolla by choosing your mother tongue in this links: Sorolla en Català Sorolla en castellano Sorolla in English Sorolla was […]

Frases per la vida 0

Gràcies @ifilosofia per descobrir-me una senzilla i preciosa frase d’un vell amic; Amor no és mirar-se l’un a l’altre sinó mirar els dos en la mateixa direcció Antoine de Sant-Exupéry

iPhone microphone broken and Apple is doing 0

Lately I’ve noticed people doesn’t listen to me when I was talking from my iPhone… I thought it was an operator issue since it doesn’t happen all the time. But the truth is the problem was increasing more and more, and all around… so it wasn’t a coverage problem. I checked if there were any […]