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Acte d’homenatge i desgreuje 0

Acte de homenatge i desgreuge a les víctimes serà el diumenge 17 de abril 2011 a les 12 h. Porta principal del Cementeri general de València

Detect your Flash Player pluggin version 0

Thanks to aNieto2k (in Spanish about Flash Player version detection with Javascript) I’ve found a web page that tells you not only if you got Flash Player plugin installed but also which version. I use to browse the Internet with Firefofox and so easy to type in the URL bar: about:plugins that I forget it’s […]

Information comes from differents screens 0

Due to my job functions I read spanish Microsoft blog, and now I’ve found something very interesting. The way we get information through has changed: 55% european media content are TV on demand (somebody here in Spain should be notice about it) 13 millions european acces to Internet through mobile phones (and I’ve to say […]

iPad2 vs the rest of the world 0

Busy as I’m it tooks to me too much to say something about iPad2. I’m going to be very very direct, and for sure it’s just my opinion. As I said Motorola Xoom was the only to face iPad; mainly for two reasons: Android 3.0 Nice & polished aspect I don’t care about how good […]