Cluod computing all around…

The main stream is to talk about Google+ … well, yeah, I know, and I already got my Google+ account in use, but now I didn’t wrote a single line about that.

I want to point and emphazise to things that pass unnoticed for most of us: Amazon. Let me explain myself.

First: Apple uses Amazon S3 and Microsoft Azure as a software architecture for they brand new cloud services (for example you may read about in English or in Spanish). It may sounds peculiar but they build cloud services over an existing cloud services.

Second: Recently I received an updated from Dropbox about TOS and so on. If you read carefully (I know you allways do) Privacy Terms or Security Page and you’ll search inside those pages the word Amazon you’ll notice Dropbox also relies on Amazon S3 services for cloud computing services.

So, as a conclusion

  • cloud computing is here to stay (no matter what you think about it, you’d better get used to it) and the cloud may be in or out your own company (yes, you may build you own cloud inside your company)
  • Amazon is doing an excellent job, while mos of the people assume they just sell books on line, the fact is, they sell book, jewelry, and many things, but also, excellent ebook readers, web services, storage…

We should have a look permanently on Amazon.