Monthly Archives: August 2011

Updating blog stuff 0

I’ve updated my WordPress installation (yeah, I know, a little bit later…) and as long as I was expending few time on reviewing some of most popular WordPress plugins. So I decide give a chance to All in One SEO Pack which is -nowadays- most used for SEO improvement on WordPress. Easy to install from […]

Mira eso – Look at that 0

Spanish version: Desarrollas una conciencia global instantánea, una orientación hacia las personas, una intensa insatisfacción con el estado del mundo, y una obligación de hacer algo al respecto. Desde allí en la luna, la política internacional se ven tan pequeña. Quieres coger un político por el cuello y arrastrarlo a un cuarto de millón de […]

Apps for GTD Work 0

Nowadays I’m interested in GTD (Get Things Done) an approach to time-management very popular. If don’t know anything about it have a read to wikipedia article about GTD (I found it more clear than Allen’s own explanation on his web page). As long as a main principle is not to keep task in your mind […]