Apps for GTD Work

Nowadays I’m interested in GTD (Get Things Done) an approach to time-management very popular. If don’t know anything about it have a read to wikipedia article about GTD (I found it more clear than Allen’s own explanation on his web page).

As long as a main principle is not to keep task in your mind (it’s recommended to use a store to keep it all inside) I’m looking for an application that let’s me syncronized my smart-phone with, computer and I would appreciate web access.

There’re a lot of applications appearing all around:

  • Omnifocus: even Allen mention it on his web page (quite often by the way) according a lately article you’ll see it has a lack of usability (not mention about the price, 15,99€)
  • Things: very popular among Mac users, lack of sequence task requirements (7,99€).
  • Toodledo: crossplatform, very popular & it has sub-task! (2.33€)
  • Nozbe: as good as any other, Apple oriented development, implementing GTD methodology, translated into Spanish 😉 it has no subtask but they say why (3,99€)
  • Producteev: GTD implementation, or so they say and free up to 100mb & 2 users

Between two first applications now I got a clear approach by reading an article about why Things can’t do GTD there, even OmniFocus comes out with fails.

This days I’m using Wunderlist, it has two major fails: first it does not apply GTD methology (although I do) and sometimes app get freeze if I try to modify a date in a reminder… But it’s free, and it’s a begining.

A bunch of options for you to get started with, but don’t forget, the main issue is to know and practice what GTD methology teaches. I’m planning to switch to a full GTD oriented app, I’ll writte about my choice just to share experiences.