Monthly Archives: March 2012

Addthis at this blog 0

Finally I took a few minutes to install, register and configure the plugin Addthis for WordPress. Addthis more interesting feature is statistics, not just add those famous buttons for Social Media easy sharing. Nowadays is crucial to know who shares your content, it gives you an incredible feedback in order to improve your website, social […]

Shakespeare revisited 0

As far as 1993 I see Much ado about nothing. By those days I like Emma Thompson, so, just because of she, I saw the movie. But the movie offers surprises. I realized how good is Shakespeare at writting poems, although his famous mastering in theater. He also describes humorously how men may be. Now […]

WordPress + LinkedIn is more powerful social media profile 0

A colleague (& friend) ask for my CV and I’ve drop him two lines with two URL’s, one from my obsolete web page CV (just in Spanish) and the other one from my more accurate (although not perfect) pbenavent’s LinkedIn profile. So I get into LinkedIn in order to check how old my uncomplete my […]

How Apple designs 0

Recently I read 12 Reasons Why the Apple Design Process Is Nothing Special, which is a resume from the original interview with Jony Ive. Most of the things he say is just pure common sense and we use to forget that things on day to day work: Being focused, being accurated with the details, look […]

Buzz & more buzz about iPad 0

Finally is out and it has been less that I was looking for. Yep, I’m talking about The new iPad, people is so devoted that even the brand name have been commented. It’s no so revolutionary, for sure they have done a great job. Personaly, I really believe they’re yet leaders on this category. You […]