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Cliente orientación e iniciativa 0

Chase Jarvis es un fotógrafo profesional con varias actividades, además de la de fotógrafo. Una de ellas es Creative Live y allí invitó a Tina Roth Eisenberg (a.k.a. Swiss Miss) que además de diseñadora profesional también tiene otras iniciativas. Esto merecería otro post sobre los proyectos secundarios (side project) de cada uno y cómo los […]

Cuota de mercado en España de Google en Octubre 2016 0

¿Cuánto puede saber Google de nosotros? Me refiero a -casi- todos nosotros, no a ti o a mi individualmente. Un ejemplo tomado al azar nos dice que la cuota global de Google en las búsquedas de Internet es del 94% en España en Octubre del 2016. La cantidad de información que recopila Google sobre nuestros […]

FSF High Priority Projects List 0

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced a major update to its High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP) list. I only quote this nowdays because I consider a really important focus on privacy the mobile ecosistem. The first item in the list is a Free phone operating system. There’re plenty of companies collecting information about […]

The Best Linux Distros for 2016 0 has publish its list “The best linux distros for 2016” with a surprise for me. They point SuSE as the best enterprise server distribution, if I have to bet five cents for a distro I would have choose Red Hat, for sure. Even they remarks few items that makes though Red Hat it’s my […]

I recomend to visit this webpage, seriously 0

I recommend you to visit since it make you know how much, how easy and how often are you sharing information about yourself via your browser. Thank your Robin for such an easy way to check what we share over the Internet, unconsciously? Few time ago I was reading Dan Gillmore in Medium and […]

Dnf update problems and how to solve them 0

One of my workstations runs Fedora for a quite long. I’ve been following practices from my previous technical job and take easy to upgrade the distro or to switch the “lates-what-ever-technology” you would imagine. I’ve finally adopt dnf command instead of yum to manage the command lines. It has being going well but suddenly I’ve […]

Does MS (really) loves Linux? 0

Microsoft has redefined its targets and keep focus on three main areas: Services Cloud Hardware Any offer coming from MS may be put it into one of this areas. For instance, what about OS or Office? well, the new Office 365 is a Cloud app and it’s offered as a service. According to this new […]

Sentence from movie 0

Have fun is important, more than we used to consider. I’ve found that this sentence from Terminator Franchise in Wikipedia is worthy to be considered: The future’s not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.

Monkey, as an icon 0

Disclaimer: This post is strictly personal and nonsense. I’ve just realized that I have a soft spot for the monkeys as an icon: I always wish an account there, but you know what they answer if you ask for one. I meet this site when was sysadmin and I was looking for dsniff Zoo: […]

Gurú de Base de datos opina sobre Oracle y Facebook 0

Es difícil mejorar resúmen de la opiniones de Stonebraker que se hace en el post “Stonebraker: la base de datos Oracle está obsoleta y Facebook tiene el mayor problema de datos del mundo” así que lo enlazo e invito a que se lea y felicito a BigDataHispano por el trabajo. Prometen publicar más porque es […]