Fewer site style changes

Taking advantage from Halloween day I’ve updated some minor things I want to change in this site, as a friend taught me; details are important.

  • Front page; “Benavent” appears at the front page with the same colour and tipography as it appears in the blog; consistency matters
  • About page; More links related with social media site I use or where you may find me. Revised wording

I also want to thank you Marija Zaric for her beautiful HTML5 template “Think simple”, graciously donated. I love not only the clean and polish design but also the underlying idea; think simple.

Addthis at this blog

Finally I took a few minutes to install, register and configure the plugin Addthis for WordPress.

Addthis more interesting feature is statistics, not just add those famous buttons for Social Media easy sharing. Nowadays is crucial to know who shares your content, it gives you an incredible feedback in order to improve your website, social media impact on SEO, SEM and SMO.

And about how Addthis may help us with statistics, they explain it better than me:

WordPress + LinkedIn is more powerful social media profile

A colleague (& friend) ask for my CV and I’ve drop him two lines with two URL’s, one from my obsolete web page CV (just in Spanish) and the other one from my more accurate (although not perfect) pbenavent’s LinkedIn profile.

So I get into LinkedIn in order to check how old my uncomplete my profile is. Then I start to correct it and going up & down through it I realize LinkedIn have done a simple but practical improvement.

Try it by yourself but for instance, if tag a wordpress post with linkeding tag it must appear at my LinkedIn. It let’s you enrich your profile more easily and again, Social Media is the new thing by connecting networks, professional, personal, all in all.

Goodbay Planet, hello WordPress

Lately I’m being helping a friends in getting together a couple of blogs. Those blogs are on different platforms, with different publishimg rythim.

My friends wants to put it all together in a single website, all this blogs ordered by publishing time, the most recent at the top of the page. The ideal scenario is all has to be done automatically.

Inmediatly I think about Planet using sindication. There’re different software for this purpose -truth must be told and there’re not so much options- for instance; Planet requieres Python.

But a very good friend of mine -thank you Jaime- found an interesting plugin for WordPress that really gets the same results without such requirement, much more easy to install and very very easy to manage for a non expert admin.

So, deal done! The plugin is FeedWordPress (as long I remember that’s the plugin name)

Updating blog stuff

I’ve updated my WordPress installation (yeah, I know, a little bit later…) and as long as I was expending few time on reviewing some of most popular WordPress plugins.

So I decide give a chance to All in One SEO Pack which is -nowadays- most used for SEO improvement on WordPress.

Easy to install from your dashboard and easy to configure, just a few options to fulfil, click on Save and go for it. Let’s see in a couple of weeks -maybe less- how does it improve our Google appearance. I’ll keep you up to date.

…and by now, I’m not bored at all with this simple & clean theme, I have to say.