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Microsiervos: I don’t deserve it 0

One of my favourite blogs, Microsiervos has mention me again 🙂 and it has been ’cause I suggest them how peculiar was for me, to find a form that calculates how long are you going to live. It reminds me the chapter from The IT Crowd: Return of the Golden Child. So here’s the Microsiervo’s […]

Performance on different CMS 0

By reading a web-developer planet I found an article about Measuring some CMS performance. Although the article is wrote in spanish you may understand the main ideas by looking at the graphs. There’re two ideas I wanna to highlight: WordPress performance is not good unless you use a cache plugin Textpattern and Nucleus are the […]

Finding a north, changing new blog target 0

In short: my duties has been changed … in a few months I’m not longer going to be postmaster… so I’m going to start a new kind of functions, on the other hand, it release me more free to writte and do things related with FOSS also in this blog. Who knows? probably I may […]

Studing on-line: UOC Enginering Computing 0

I’ve just start my new project, study at University on line in Catalonia, distance is not a problem, language (catalonish) is not a problem (altough politicians says we all talk same tongue) and time this is a really ugly question. So as less time you got, as much you have to improve… and also I’m […]