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Google Moderator 0

I was looking around my Google Profile when I notice there was new thing for me: Moderator (you may have a look to its starting guide). Moderator is a tool for send and choose questions in a conference, for instance. The interesting issue is that Google has integrated with Youtube. In fact, it seems that […]

Convert a PDF to text without an OCR 0

I’ve got a PDF with more than one hundred pages, I need to work on it. So I look around for a tool that may convert those PDF pages into text. I’ve found a nice application -quite well accepted by different people- suggested by Apple: PDF OCR X Community Edition… uhmm, it sounds well. What […]

SkyNet T-Shirt 0

To all you dear Terminator believers, Google fans, Google haters,  and  so on… you should buy this T-shirt now! Thanks to David from Strobbist

Google, Chrome and support to Mozilla foundation 0

Via an article published at spanish slashdot I read a spanish translation to an article comparing webkit and Gecko. This has been the latest buzz in the web… most interesting things for me are two: what’s new and what isn’t in Chrome and what’s going to happen with Mozilla foundation since they keep a collaboration […]

Search engine teachs you 0

I’ve been trying Yahoo! search engine for a few days. I didn’t get what I want. Or at least I didn’t get it as I expect it. So it’s clear that the way we search its hardly thought by the search engine we use for it. That gaves more and more arguments to the people […]