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Squid with ldap 0

I was writting about Squid and I arrive to a sample config file for using squid with OpenLdap. I really don’t know if you’re using squid … probably you should do it. And I don’t know if you’re using ldap … sure you’ve to. If you combine squid with ldap it allows you control who […]

Save bandwith with squid in five minutes 0

I received the Redhat Magazine in my inbox, recently I’ve read an article about how to start up a squid in five minutes. Since I know good it runs I must recommend you give squid a chance. If you have a company -little, middle or big company- it would save you quite bandwith. If you’re […]

Easy to help Fedora 7 0

No news about Fedora Project: there’s a new version, they switched from Fedora Core to Fedora (since there’s no separation between a core and other repositories) and also there’re more and more exciting news: Fedora Release notes in english Fedora Notas del lanzamiento en español but what I think its really useful for all of […]

Learning wifi with Fedora Core 6 0

I’ve to confess I feel myself a little bit older for some stuff … but curiosity has been a strong force inside me. Since I bought my brand new wrt54g-l for SoHo use I’m testing a couple of wi-fi cards. A lot of people has wi-fi cards that they don’t use. Nowadays laptops has wi-fi […]

Faillog in Fedora 0

First of all, this is just my own experience from an Red Hat magazine named How do I use the faillog program to track failed login attempts? Let’s go: Open the /etc/pam.d/system-auth file for editing. Add the following lines: auth required no_magic_root account required deny=2 no_magic_root Save the file and exit. Test the […]