How to ask for root password when using sudo

A minimal improvement to your security is asking for a password when you allow normal users to execute privileges command via sudo. Usually, they just type their own password and that allows they to gaing privileged status to execute what you have set in sudo files.

You should consider change this behaviour and ask for root password. Why? it’s too easy IMHO to execute a root command because the user (or impostor) only needs to know one single password and not your root password but someone elses one.

Instead of that setting I prefer to change sudo files to this in the /etc/sudoers:

Defaults rootpw

Before do that, be sure your root password is setted and accomplish a minimul security recommendations. It will not apply in current shells, but the new ones.

Why am i going to “play” with a Rasperry Pi? (Update 31/03/2018)

Why am i going to “play” with a Rasperry Pi? Short answer; for educational purposes.

No the little bit more explained why I decide to sset up a Rasperry Pi, but also going to the point:

  • I’m very bad with hardware, so it’s a little bit challenging for me
  • a very good friend gift me its Raspberry Pi 1 (512Mb RAM) and it was collecting dust
  • I may obtain something useful at the end of the process, for instance, a media server, a little NAS, whatever.
  • I’m going to refresh my former sysadmin skills; file system formatting, installing different OS’s flavours, setting up a network, etc.
  • It’s a wide documented process so it keeps my attention in making the right thing, not in solve a new problem never before seen.

So, again, for educational purposes, mixing up fun with refreshing basic skills.

Update 31/03/2018:
Raspian up & running on an Raspberry Pi 1 model. Reasons for Raspbian:

  • Main reason: It forces me to get out of my usual Red Hat / CentOS / Fedora distro to a Debian based one. I hope this helps me in a future for getting the LP1 Certification
  • General purpose (I’m not looking for a particular functinality), I’m satisfied if it acts as a ssh gateway to the rest of home network
  • Well documented, this is a must since learn something new requires make mistakes. For example, I bought a USB – WiFi here you got how seting WiFi up via the command line, because command line always teches more than graphical interfaces IMHO

FSF High Priority Projects List

The Free Software Foundation (FSF) has announced a major update to its High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP) list.

I only quote this nowdays because I consider a really important focus on privacy the mobile ecosistem. The first item in the list is a Free phone operating system. There’re plenty of companies collecting information about our habits, purchases, preferences, and everything else, just in case.

It is not a conspirancy theory, it is really worthy to pay attention because information, your personal information, is gold for bussines, they pay you by offering someting you need (or they makes you believe that you need) and you loose your privacy.

A lot of people says they have nothing to hide, they’re no thieves, or evil people, or whatever, well, it’s true. Me neither. But pay attention to this: quite often, we share more personal information on social networks or with companies than with our neigbour, why? think about it.

Free Software is a plus in terms of security, privacy and open interaction. Please, consider -always- the Free Software Option for your personal uses.

The Best Linux Distros for 2016 has publish its list “The best linux distros for 2016” with a surprise for me.

They point SuSE as the best enterprise server distribution, if I have to bet five cents for a distro I would have choose Red Hat, for sure. Even they remarks few items that makes though Red Hat it’s my choice, if we’re considering enterprise environments, not desktop or personal server, or my own development server, or anything else.

So, strengths for RHEL are (IMHO):

  • Enterprise support
  • Wide portfolio around the pure OS, such as application server, deployment tools, messaging server, integration with development main players and even certification for system administrators (BTW, maybe the best one)
  • Gartner consider RHEL in 2016 as a

    firmly positioned as the most successful open-source software vendor in terms of subscription model success and portfolio breadth

  • If you never had consider Linux as an option, please, do it. Don’t forget you’re using it right now since you’re browsing the web because most of the public Internet servers runs a Linux. In fact, most powerful computers; supercomputers runs Linux, too. You may find a linux distro for desktop in the link from or alternatively try Fedora 😉

Does MS (really) loves Linux?

Microsoft has redefined its targets and keep focus on three main areas:

  • Services
  • Cloud
  • Hardware

Any offer coming from MS may be put it into one of this areas. For instance, what about OS or Office? well, the new Office 365 is a Cloud app and it’s offered as a service.
According to this new approach MS is offering services based on Linux.

Things are so different from a couple of years that they have published a serie named Microsoft Loves Linux.

But don’t get fooled about it, they offer Linux as a service, as an OS built on MS services. So you gonna stay attached to MS.