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Dd-wrt as a bridge 0

I’ve set my new Internet conection. The new ISP offers a low cost connection, low price, and low bandwith, it fits what I was looking for. Unfortunately I just can plug one single PC, connection it’s controlled by macaddress plus a password. No problem, I’ve buy a Linksys WRT54GL (remember the L letter and the […]

How to know my own PID in a bash shellscript 0

I was sure there’s a way to know easily what is the PID in a bash shellscript, without doing anything complicated -such a ps wwaux | grep something– and then I’ve found this quick ref. about less easily guessed commands and codes in Unix shell By the way, inside a shellscript, the PID of that […]

Delete a line with sed 0

I wrote about how append a new line using sed. Now let me copy here how to erase or delete a line using sed if that line has a pattern. If you want to erase, for instance a line that starts with # character, you should use something like: sed -e ‘/^#/d’ If your text […]

Happy birthday Linux 0

I’ve been noticed by Microsiervos and August 26 could be took as the Linux birthday. Sure you know the history but you can also remenber it by having a look to the original newsgroup Linus Torvalds message. This is a piece of recent IT history, and we’re old enough to be there…

What nobody says when they choose MS 0

London Stock Exchange adopted a MS software solution, it was an application with strong demand for real time execution. It was announced as usual, hardware company announced it, and for sure MS takes it as a case of study. What nobody likes to asume is a bad decision. On IT environments a bad decision may […]

Ultra notebook with Linux 0

You’re not trendy if haven’t a ultra-notebook or you don’t know what is it. Well, if you doesn’t know what it is, don’t worry; it’s a evolution from the original OLPC project that has evolved ’till becomes the latest gadget you may buy. There’s something very good in the idea; most of people doesn’t need […]

I’ve got a Mac 0

Finally I’ve got a Mac… yes I know it is not free software since it comes with MacOS but (remember there’s allways a but) it offers me the chance to test other quite good OS and also install on it Fedora. I keep you updated…

Gnome little sucess 0

A very good friend of mine has gave a chance to Gnome… He always was using KDE and he always thought that Gnome sucks, because it was too simple, everything too tiny, poor look… But a sensible person may change their mind and so had happened. Santi -a.k.a NoP- now is surprised with Gnome. Most […]

Media center for Linux 0

I’ve acquired a little hardware box in order to be my next media center. For sure it’s going to be with Linux so I’ve look around to see what’s most mature software. Almost everybody talks about this software: Xmbc: and I’ve seen running on a older Xbox … it’s simply amazing how fast it is: […]

What packages do I have installed in Fedora? 0

There’re easy things to do that I forget how to do it… For instance, I know that I may get a whole package list if I type: rpm -qa on my console screen. I know that I may get information about packages by typingrpm -qi package_name or by typing yum info package_name Since I’m experiencing […]