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Obtener una URL personal en Facebook 0

Una URL personal en Facebook es una dirección web para nuestro perfil mucho más fácil de recordar. En un uso profesional de las redes sociales es fundamental tener una, sobre todo para la página de empresa. Los pasos a seguir son: Entramos en Facebook con el usuario para el que vamos a crear la dirección […]

Addthis at this blog 0

Finally I took a few minutes to install, register and configure the plugin Addthis for WordPress. Addthis more interesting feature is statistics, not just add those famous buttons for Social Media easy sharing. Nowadays is crucial to know who shares your content, it gives you an incredible feedback in order to improve your website, social […]

WordPress + LinkedIn is more powerful social media profile 0

A colleague (& friend) ask for my CV and I’ve drop him two lines with two URL’s, one from my obsolete web page CV (just in Spanish) and the other one from my more accurate (although not perfect) pbenavent’s LinkedIn profile. So I get into LinkedIn in order to check how old my uncomplete my […]

Foursquare to OpenStreetMap 0

Foursquare has made a great change. They’re moving from Google Maps to Open Street Maps. This is not only a simple map change. Google Maps and Open Street Maps they both have different approaches. While Google is a Foursquare has choose Open Street Map because: It’s a crowd-sourced global atlas, and it’s kind of amazing! […]

Mates going mobile 0

Lately I’m involved with mobile technology and some of my work mates have notice that themselves are getting a little bit old-fashioned in this area. World is changing; everyday and fast. So I encourage them to acquire a mobile phone to try those new trends (they can afford it) and it’s being quite exciting to […]