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Discovering The IT Crowd 0

I know many people know that TV serie, The IT Crowd but I’ve just discovered yesterday… Pablo a nice guy from RedHat Spain gives me a couple of chapters for having a look on them. One of my favourites spanish blog’s are also fan of The IT Crowd… anyway, very peculiar sense of humor, geek […]

Weather forecast 0

I was refusing to do it but I’ve started to use personalized google start page. I’ve added a weather forecast plugging and I’ve choose three differents cities: London (’cause we we’re last summer and I like it), my hometown, and finally Rome (’cause we want to go this winter, specially to visit vatican museum and […]

Practise, there’s no other way 0

I’m sure that there’s no other way, as much as I think about as much I get convinced. I’m talking about two differents things but the aproach its the same for they both. First, my phatetic english gets, well, less pathetic as I keep on listeling Vaughan Radio and also, because I keep on trying […]

Access denied with SELinux plus apache 0

There were no explanation. I was going crazy. I put an image via ftp in the same directory where I put more images, but when I try to open those image I received an access denied So I checked once and once again the file permisssions and the rest … When there’s no exit I […]

Textpatterm, it’s my fault 0

I was trying a Textpatter installation on my notebook, uncompress files, install all the stuff, … evrything runs pretty smooth. But when I point my browser to installation pages I allways get the same error page. Fatal error: Call to undefined function … Ok, my forst though was what the hell! they all are right. […]