Four F’s in the Fedora Project

Fedora is Linux distribution with two pilars: community and Red Hat support. They have choose an easy way to describe the project by focusing on four concepts all beginning with the letter “F”:

  • Freedom: Fedora distro uses free software and free content, done or maintained by them
  • Friends: At Fedora’s page they said something naive about friendship but also “Like any friends, we occasionally disagree on details, but we believe in finding an acceptable consensus to serve the interests of advancing free software.
  • Features: My personal opinion about what features means in Fedora is about they improve the free software ecosystem not only by offering a distro ready for use but also they build new software and offers it to the community, for instance, yum, dnf, cockpit
  • First: This last F in the four F’s are the main difference among Fedora, CentOS or Red Hat Enterprise Linux which is related with the life cicle of Fedora, they release two versions per year at least.

DD-WRT as a bridge

I was using DD-WRT in a Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS years ago. After stop needing it was stored in the deepness of a wardrobe.

I’m living in a long flat where a room is far away from the AP, furthermore there’re metal and liquids between the room and the AP which makes the signal intensity lesser.

So I’ve rescue the DD-WRT from its retirement to enhance the Wi-Fi signal in the house. There’s no merit in it since you just have to follow the proper tutorial about how to configure DD-WRT as a Repeater Bridge.

Why I wrote about this? It’s related with a couple of things: it’s worthy no to fall into programmed obsolescence and through away any device just because. Simply consider what it’s worthy to keep and what it’s simply trash.

Last, but not least, GNU/Linux shows again how important free sofware is. This particular Linksys WRT54GL support third-party firmware based on GNU/Linux and over that DD-WRT has developed its firmware, which also free software… Free software, do I have to argue any more? Self-explained.

Linksys WRT54GL

I almost forget to remember that the FSF lawsuited Cisco for a violation of the GNU License and it won.

Privacidad vs Anonimato

Los dos conceptos aparecen relacionados cuando hablamos de nuestros derechos en la red, pero no son sinónimos:

  • Anonimato es la protección de tu identidad.
  • Privacidad es proteger tu actividad en la red

Por ejemplo, Amazon sabe quién soy. No hay anonimato. Conocen mi nombre, dirección, datos para cobrarme, historial de compra, productos que consulto.

Si hubiera privacidad en lo anterior (que no la hay), consistiría en que esa información la conozco yo, decido con quién se comparte y de manera predeterminada, no es compartida con otras empresas ni utilizada para otros fines distintos a los pactados.

H. G. Wells y Black Mirror

El capítulo 3 de la serie Black Mirror muestra que todo lo que una persona hace es registrado en un implante tras su oreja.

Los dilemas éticos que plantea son interesantísimos y actuales. Fascina ver la naturalidad con la que algo hoy imposible tecnológicamente se presenta probable.

Me ha sorprendido la genialidad de H. G. Wells cuando descubro que en 1936 escribió :

Toda la memoria humana puede ser, y probablemente lo sea dentro de muy poco tiempo, accesible a cada individuo.

Lo encuentro citado en el libro de Marta Peirano, El enemigo conoce el sistema.

Si no han leído a Marta Peirano es recomendable si te interesa la privacidad en Internet, la relación de las personas con las tecnologías y los interrogantes nos plantea su uso.

Privacy on Android

A common opinion point to use VPN’s to avoid being monitorized. I’ve seen recently a video that said we should stop using VPNs for privacy.

Alternatives exists. This days I had give a try to Orbot, Tor for Android. The main reason besides the concern with privacy is to experience if the performance and battery consumption were decent enough or if you have to pay a lot for it.

So far I don’t experienced a slowness or high battery consume. On the other hand I experience that slowness using Tor Browser.

There’s a main feature to highlight; the VPN mode. It keeps your IP hidden, IThere’s a main feature to highlight; the VPN mode. It keeps your IP hidden, I’ve check it and Orbot have change this IP from time to time. You may check it with different online pages that shows you your IP or more lazily when you visit webs they assume a different language for you because your IP comes from a town different to your real one.