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Debian cumple 27 años 0

Debian cumple 27 años, es la excusa para felicitarles y contar por qué no utilizo Debian como distribución preferente. Si quieres más información sobre Debian cualquiera sabrá más que yo. Hay un par de cosas que me gustan de Debian. Es un proyecto con base en la comunidad, no en una empresa. Todos podemos ayudar, […]

Minimum securization for sshd 0

I run an RaspberryPi inside my home network with ssh access allowed. One of the first things I’d done was to install fail2ban package. I know this is not enough by far. A really secure configuration requires more intel in it but I let it that way just to check how much penetration attemps I’ll […]

How to install a concrete binary in a rpm distro 0

How to install a concrete binary in Linux when you don’t know what package contains or provide it

Four F’s in the Fedora Project 0

Fedora is Linux distribution with two pilars: community and Red Hat support. They have choose an easy way to describe the project by focusing on four concepts all beginning with the letter “F”: Freedom: Fedora distro uses free software and free content, done or maintained by them Friends: At Fedora’s page they said something naive […]

DD-WRT as a bridge 0

I was using DD-WRT in a Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS years ago. After stop needing it was stored in the deepness of a wardrobe. I’m living in a long flat where a room is far away from the AP, furthermore there’re metal and liquids between the room and the AP which makes the signal intensity lesser. So […]