Sunday, October 12, 2003

Few days off-line, I've discovered -again- that build up something it's far more difficult than to critize. Why this obvius reflection?

I'm trying to help a school with Linux, I really believe it's a good choice, 'cause what a school got to do it's too teach skills, not products. I mean, our son Miquel, needs to know how to aproach a problem and then give a solution, for instance, how to writte and format a text using a text processator, and how important is to keep an coherent structure... all that abilities does not belong to a commercial product.

I'm not a teacher, but I'm sure that most of times teachers focuse themselves on teaching commercial products, -that become obsoletes in a few years- than to teach skills. And for me skill means give a pupil mental tools to solve problems, even if they appear for the very first time.

I know they do something like this with maths, for instance, why not with computting?

Well, the main thing it's that I've start a very simple web page giving up a few lines about how to deploy Linux at school, and, again, when we're at breakfast, we all are able to give answers to everything, but when you've to writte it down and choose, and explain why or why not, things are not so easy...

"Moderation, in all thing"
   Terencius, latin writer.