Monday, May 24, 2004

Fedora Core 2; first shoot
This is not a full review upon Fedora Core 2 ... now, go on:
  1. What for:

    I use Fedora at my laptop since I was using RedHat for years and at job still is used, so we can say, there're historically reasons or it's a familiar environment. But the truth is that Fedora has an easy installation, very good hardware detection, very good desktop implementation and nowdays it provides me something that I allways miss, apt for rpm (not just resolving dependencies but also including extra software, regular updates...not like Debian but things are goin on)
    At this point I must to say that my servers runs Debian just because they're on the other side on the road, and they need different things: software very well tested, minimal installations with just what you need...

  2. How upgrading runs?

    In short, smoothly. Upgrading has been done very well, thanks. while we were cooking my laptop was eating CD's; Please insert CD number 2, one after another and so on...

    I remember that a former upgrade over-write my /var/www/html directory and I loose all my web pages. I'm not very looky so I believe in backups. This time, upgrading has keep all my data, configuration files, ...

    I'm methodic and I read this note about XFConfig problem that let your graphical environment start up and notice you about it. As the link before says you just have to edit and comment or substitute this line:
    Option "Xkbrules" "xfree86" with this Option "Xkbrules" "xorg" at XF86Config file
    I choose the second one 'cause I want to test fork. The bug has been reported and fixed for comming releases.

  3. First impression

    In short (remember this is not a full review) start up is faster (Kernel 2.6 is because, I suppose), graphical start up is faster, and all graphical environment moves faster than before. Just one issue: everytime I start my graphical environment I get an error about ACPI related with pid file that is not found at /var/run/... directory (I've to give a look since I use APM instead of ACPI)

    Also three new services has appear rpcgssd rpcidmapd rpcsvcgssd, so I type:
    rpm -qf /etc/init.d/rpcgssd and rpm says that it belong to nfs-utils. I'm still didn't know why Fedora has install this package (?) Maybe they wanna offer you a good desktop eXPerience and because another thing that surprise me it's an icon thst remember "My Computer" at Hasefroch machines. This icon offers you to browse trough you hard disk, network... (it this because they install nfs-utils? and why don't samba packages?)