Thursday, May 27, 2004

Oracle + Linux
First of all, I feel a sort of hate/love against Oracle. Now, tow things about Linux:
  1. via this note at Slashdot I know Oracle switch their platform development from Sun to Linux. Comments at Slashdot are enough good and self explained and may read more at
    I just repeat the use something call VOS (Virtual Operating System) that let they some kind of abstraction about what OS is running under Oracle products.
    It's too remarkable that Sun is the one who is loosing more with this, and that it's a fairly good choice, because they start with VMS, later Sun, now Linux, so they keep on a well known Unix allways every time.
  2. so it's time to remember that Oracle announced in January 2004 (also at news.con) that they will work with Mozilla to ensure that Mozilla runs fine with Oracle applications.

This two news are good news for Linux enterprise implantation.