Thursday, May 20, 2004

Rememberin GQ
I've found a very useful LDAP tool, phpldapadmin, it's easy to install and easy to configure. If everything goes well and you've enough LDAP skills, you just have to follow three steps:
  1. unpack phpldapadmin tgz in your DocumentRoot, let's asume that you put it in a dir named http://your_web_server/phpldapadmin/
  2. copy config.php.example to config.php, edit this file and fullfill with you proper LDAP parameters...
  3. point your web browser to http://your_web_server/phpldapadmin/ and work!

There's also another one LAM (stands for LDAP Account Manager) which look a few worst (in my opinion) but offers great features:

  • PDF output
  • quotas
  • Samba management
  • ... among others

I rather prefer first one 'cause look, simplicity and seems to be more tested