Friday, June 18, 2004

Great idea from trukulo, Read it Out Asshole!. The think is to invitate to somebody else to read that book that you like so much.

I've to recognise that slogan sounds heavy but I think it's a good idea to shock a little bit and culture may be funny, well, culture, reading, music, it's really funny. You just to find what kind of reading do you like, so here's my recomendation:

  • La Voz a ti debida writted by Pedro Salinas (in Spanish)
Since I read this poetry book life has another sense. This something very personal to talk about so I don't keep on.

Poetry it's not a very usual reading. What a pity.
  Para vivir no quiero
  islas, palacios, torres.
  !Qué alegría más alta:
  vivir en los pronombres!