Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Considering new desktop distro

Since now I've been using Red Hat on my laptop without problems. Last year I was force to change to Fedora from Red Hat 'cause RH unsuportted they free distro and merge with Fedora original project.

Nowadays I feel bad with Fedora II:

  • sound configuration fails at installation time -you have to do it manually-,
  • I don't work with Oracle so I don't need a Red Hat + Oracle's compliant libraries in order to install 9.x...
  • using differents repositories for apt-rpms may cause serious problems (better managed by apt for deb)
... on the other hand, I need:
  • easy install (I don't wanna expend time installing OS)
  • good hardware recognition and configuration (I don't wanna expend time on this too)
  • easy to keep update, by now I rather prefer apt than others 'cause I know command line and I don't wanna start to learn how urpmi runs, even more when urpmi is just for Mandrake

I was looking around, and considering Progeny, Esware and some others, but I've read trukulo's blog and this makes me download Ubuntu Linux.

Trukulo says Ubuntu Linux runs fine on his laptop I hope it do the same on mine...