Wednesday, February 25, 2004

What a hell!!! I've been a little displeased with my ISP. They really offer a good bandwith ... (soon rewritted)

My wife is 300km far ... so sad to be without she ... I miss you.

Well a tech note, new virus make my day, but just because a lot of mail is going all around. This new MyDoom version exploits 3127 tcp port opened by changing to 1080 tcp port. Again, if you're a normal user that arrives here randomly, please, use an anti-virus. All postmaster will apreciate it.

On the other hand I've checked a free product call ad-ware, goof idea for Hasefroch users. That soft examine you PC and offers you to erase all malware.

Friday, February 20, 2004

Now, LIVE !!! from Internet thanks to Patricia and Pablo for their English support. What can a silly man as I without a good teacher?.

I know he prefers to be called master... anyway: just keep in mind, that if anybody reads this, its target is:

  1. write BOFH-tekkies reflexions
  2. practice -my rusty- english (so thanks folks)

Pablo and Patricia wanna know what f**ed thing is a BOFH... uhmmm read this.

Sunday, February 15, 2004

I was reading a very good spanish perl tutorial looking for a solution (a necessity to write a simple script that does a few thing in few lines) reading and reading I found that maybe perl would help me someway. When I was changing my mind about perl -I have to confess I don't like perl specially- I found another article about arrays in bash shell.

I really like bash shell. Now, even more, knowing that arrays may be used in that way, just with bash shell, without requiring heavies programming languages. In spanish we used to be said: good if brief the twice good

I was going to write something about XML patents, Hasefroch wants to get one about it, but my Linux has just update 41MB of XFree software and i?m going to test if everething goes fine... I return in a minute. I hope so, glups.

... Preparing:
 1:XFree86-tools: ######################################## [100%]
...and finally everithing is allright. So now I'm running XFree86-4.3.0-55

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Been a BOFH is a hard work specially when you have to do nasty things, like suffer MyDoom, a lot of spam running across mail servers make a normal day a little hell.

Bounces all around, and soon you found yourself writting ugly shell scripts to remove one hundred mails comming from no where for you. Even more, like a death rising from the deep, deep earth Dumaru comes again... another e-mail address to be banned.

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Somebody very close to me has experience slow performance on her Hasefroch 98, so I do normal tests... and there were something that I didn't see clear... uhmmm ...something is wrong here I told to myself...

So I open an MS-DOS session and I type: netstat -a | more (Yes, from no more time ago they finally uses more command) and what do you say that meet? ... come on try it. Exactly, few LISTENING lines on ports over 3100 so it may be MyDoom (it listen from 3127 to 3198) so I enforce her to scan again her machine with her brand new anti-virus. I hope it will be a false alarm because she is very carefully with her anti-virus, but as you never know better to scan again and to dowload again definitions from her anti-virus software.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I've just add an image promoting FireFox, if just use Explorer, please, check it, you may use another browser like FireFox which fast, light, and fully standar compliant. Even more, by using tabs you may browse much more clearly.

If you use another SO (MacOS, BSD, Linux ...) for sure that know what it FireFox and you don't need that introduction... we got to make it knowed among MS users, don't you?

Thursday, February 05, 2004

Really amazing. I was going to post something about MyDoom and how that virus impact on a normal postmaster but I'll gonna do it later because I found much more interesting that new about cable modems...

It appears in slashdot that a group called tciso explain how to flash your cable modem firmware by using a not documented method and let you manipulate yor surfboard Motorola cable modem.

There are an interesting article that explains details about it. I just wanna to highlight a few things:

  • by flashing your surfBoard cable modem you may access to a shell remotely, this hardware runs VxWorks 5.x O.S. on a MIPS processor (by default just your ISP may put software and acces to your surfBoard cable modem)
  • eavesdropping risks: that hardware don't let you sniff traffic outside your cable modem. if you substitute default software with this one you may sniff unless your ISP use encryption. Hardware comes ready for encryption but your ISP may use it or doesn't.
  • about programming skills: a tciso programer says that when she asks to leader team for a different and better assembler for MIPS, leader team -called DerEngel wrote a new one from the scratch. That is what a call a very good skill.

Why is this so interesting for me? My ISP uses that cable modem.