Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I start holidays tomorrow !!! a few days to spare doing nothing, italians say il dolce fare niente, I hope if Marco read this he would excuse my italian.

Sunday, March 28, 2004

Yesterday I was at Emili birthday party and I found again old and good friends (nice to see you all again), it was surprising that Carles come to me to ask me about Linux. He is language teacher and he likes computing, Carles has took a strong determination, he wants to use Linux, and just Linux. I feel very happy, but most curios thing is that I have not no influence on that. He has heard about Linux out there, no to me.

So again, we can conclude that Linux knowledge is going up and going out computing frontiers, wellcome Charlie. Linux has you 8-)

Friday, March 19, 2004

By reading this at Barrapunto (spanish Slashdot) I jump to this ... Well, it seems that Fedora wants to leave XFree and start to use freedesktop.

For normal users X system it's a very important thing. Most of killer applications runs over X system. Relative fast development, drivers incorporation, hardware support... are very very important issues for graphical applications. So in my honest opinion X system would be the key -in a very important part- for Linux success on a desktop environment. By the way, Linus Torvalds has told recently that this 2.004 year maybe desktop year for Linux. So you just had to think a little bit about it.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Disposition: today I've talk with a few Linux companys here in spain. I was surprise with the way they treat me. I don't extract consequences about it but it makes me think about predisposition, I mean, sometimes, humans are strange. It could be that this people really wanna keep on with me in a good mood.

A good predisposition makes everything goes easy.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Almost everyboy knows what had happen here in Spain. No words. No comments. I just writte here to practise english and to talk about techies things. But two days after what had happen I wanna put this image: Today, we all with Madrid
and say NO to war, terrorism and killing.

A lot of citizens want to know what the goverment is doing, and why our goverment it's trying to influence public opinion and others nations about who has done this acts.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

I use Fedora on my laptop. It runs well, no problems upgrading from RH8.x, easy hardware configuration... I mean, it lets my work I don' spare time making things that this distribution does for me. Why this one? It's as good as others, and I'm used to RH 'cause at job we use RH. Oracle allways certified with RH, that's why.

Well loking around I've found so called planet Fedora when can read differents blogs from Fedora developers and mantainers. most interesting thing is Fedora Legacy as they say in their F.A.Q:

In general, we will provide security updates and critical bug fixes for select versions of Red Hat Linux and Fedora Core releases. No new features or packages will be introduced except where they are required for future management of our updates and agreed upon by a consensus. While updates are created primarily for security fixes, sometimes non-security bug fix updates may be allowed if consensus agrees that there is a serious enough need. ... For supported Red Hat Linux releases, we will continue to issue back-port security or critical fixes for as long as there is community interest, but for at least another 1.5 years from their official Red Hat End of Life.

Great job for all the people that uses this distribution, done by volunteers.

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I fly so high, and flow so low... that's what Moby sings. As you may suppose this days I'm hearing this man. Interesting musician, I don't use to take care about today's fashion. Time ago I discover electric music and I like as much as other (I still prefer Schubert and Bach over the rest, but it doesn't matter). One of my favourites in this area Everything but the girl, my wife and me we both like to hear them when we're traveling...
I start to talk about Moby 'cause this I fly so high, and flow so low... as become a sort of mantra, with that soft music... what its the relationship betwen this and being system administrator?
They use to make the same question one, twice, .... and they can not understand that if a program sends you and e-mail saying that you have received an e-mail with an attachment virus infected, what should you understand about it?
I think it's not complicated. You may concluded anything, but it's very easy to understand it ins't?. So I try to keep myself in peace and I repeat I fly so high, and flow so low... over this human weaknesses, without forget I'm human, and nothing upon human nature it's alienum to me

Monday, March 01, 2004

Last days I'm developing few XHTML 1.0 Strict web pages. Why XHTML? Easy, HTML has been a wide use language to write web pages, w3c recomends to use XML, and promote browsers to support this specification.

In that scenario, XHTML offers more than HTML but an easy aproach to XML. If you're use to write HTML you may learn XHTML fairly well, then, when you webs applications becomes bigger you may migrate to XML environment, where pages are generated on the fly by parsing pure XML documents via XSLT (wich is a template for that) in XHTML or HTML...

Again, I'm come from webmaster tasks, not from development, if you wanna know more visit
NOTE I'm considering to writte an article about this basis...